Frantoio / Tasting Room  
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Marilyn Farmer, AIA, LEED AP 
Ginger Feretto, Designer 

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Frantoio / Tasting Room
Paso Robles, California

This Fantoio (olive processing) and Tasting Room is a south facing strawbale energy efficient building with a rural barn vernacular, sited to meld with the landscape and olive orchards. With an east/west axis to provide passive solar heating, and cooling, the thick strawbale walls, interior concrete floor for mass, and cooling tower for natural heat ventilation, eliminate the need for a mechanical HVAC system. Natural daylighting, without solar gain in the olive processing areas, reduces the electric demand as well as cooling loads. Solar photovoltaic roof panels tied to the grid create zero net energy consumption for the entire facility. Water processing reuse and rainwater catchment with underground cisterns, will reduce water use for irrigation of surrounding olive orchards.

Visitors will enjoy the south facing terrace with trellised shade in summer and direct sun in winter. With spectacular nighttime views of Paso Robles to the south west and views of the adjacent rolling farmlands in all directions, the terrace will host small groups as well as large special catered events.

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