This Old House Restaurant Remodel

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Marilyn Miller Farmer, AIA, LEED AP
Jennifer Brennan, LEED AP
Andy Pease, AIA, LEED AP
This Old House Restaurant Remodel
San Luis Obispo, California

This Old House Restaurant, a local icon, had been closed for several years and had fallen into disrepair before being purchased by its current owner. The new owner wished to restore the original character while upgrading the restaurant to welcome a more diverse customer base, including the growing number of athletic clubs in the region. The renovation and upgrate included a new entrance and dining deck surrounded with strawbale walls to mute the adjacent highway noise, a new kitchen design and layout, new restrooms, new bar, and ADA accessibility upgrades. A private party bar and separate dining room with adjacent rear deck caters to private group events.


Entry Dining Deck Entrance

Schematic Design Sketch - Exterior Facade, Strawbale Sound wall Around New Dining Deck

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